Amara Jewelers was created because we needed a better answer to the question: "Why do people wear jewelry?"
    We knew jewelry is a symbol of the grace one walks with through life. 'Amara' means grace in Igbo language, as a matter of fact.
     The answer that we came up with was that people wore jewelry as an outward expression of something we all want - higher fulfillment. We all want to feel important and valued, and jewelry helps us do that. Jewelry can symbolize the vibrant personality one wishes to display to the world, as a way to show the world a snapshot of who they are.
     After careful research and attention to this truth, Amara Jewelers has created collections of artfully crafted jewelry pieces to help you sculpt your persona and legacy, and feed that desire for higher fulfillment in the world.
We want you - a work of art, an individual - to feel at home, right here. 
- A. Nnodum, Founder, Amara Jewelers
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