FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS - Let Your Questions Be Answered!

Q: Do you sell Men's jewelry?

A: Yes we do, and we are expanding in that area too! Find our men's collection here.The majority of our pieces that are for men are more so unisex in nature. Shortly, we are going to roll out exclusively Men's pieces though, so stay tuned! You can find our more unisex options here.

Q: How long does it take for my order to ship and get delivered to me? 

A: All orders made will be delivered and arrive at your door between 2 -3 weeks, at maximum, from the date that your order was made. This is our guarantee!

 Q: What if I want to return my product, for whatever reason? Can I request a refund?

A: All refund requests made for undesired goods within 30 days of purchase will be fulfilled, upon return of the item requested back to Amara Jewelers. UNLESS being return shipped from outside the USA domestic or territory borders, the return shipping tab will be on us! 

Use the following format for the return label:

Amara Jewelers

324920 Georgia Tech Station

Atlanta, GA 30332-1400

Q: I never received my order package. What will be done?

A: Amara Jewelers' job is to ensure that your order from us is brought into your hands safely and securely. For good measure, 1) from the very beginning, we recommend you to request a signature confirmation for your package as you make your order. 2) Please check with your family/neighbors/post office mailboxes. If the package is not found, make sure to contact us at to explain your concerns, and upon evaluating the explanation, a full refund back to you is in order! We will encourage you to reorder the product(s), if you still wish to do so. It may take 5-7 business days to process your refund order upon accepting the request. 

Q: What is in your jewelry? What materials does Amara Jewelers use?

A: Amara pieces are made with base metals such as zinc alloy and stainless steel. Different designs use versatile, elegant materials including enamel, acrylic resin, faux jewels, and hardwood.

Q: Are your jewelry pieces hypoallergenic?

Yes they are! Skin sensitivies occur because of jewelry containing reactive metals like nickel and lead. Amara Jewelers pieces are free from nickel and lead, so you can enjoy your jewelry with nothing to fear!

Q: How do you source your jewelry?

A: Amara Jewelers is both a jewelry curation brand and soon-to-be creation brand. Amara sources its pieces from various designers and suppliers that we connect and form licensing agreements with, ranging from the in United States, and  in Asia (Korea and China). Amara Jewelers find pieces that match the aesthetic, narrative, and story we seek to tell- we look for pieces that exude a chic, Afrocentric vibe. We seek to expand our sourcing to more artisans in Africa and the Diaspora as the Amara brand grows! 

Q: What are Amara's goals?

A: To be the premier tastemaker for African style, and to be a conservatory for African culture when in comes to the Fashion and Style space. When you think about all things African style, we want you to think about Amara Jewelers at the forefront.

Q: How can I get in touch with you and stay connected?

A: Well you can check out the latest collections,  seasonal sales, and the Amara Experience right here on of course! If you want to see our content related to African style, creatives, storytelling and jewelry, Follow us on Instagram and Facebook @ShopAmaraJewelers. We are also on YouTube as Amara Jewelers, so subscribe and turn your notification bell on for immediate updates!

Q: Does Amara Jewelers have a physical location?

A: Amara Jewelers is currently an E-commerce brand, yet we do have a physical presence! We set up shop at events related to African fashion and style like Fashion Entertainment events and marketplaces. Check out our Events page and updates on social media to see where we've gone as vendors, and where you can get a chance to meet us! 

Q: What styles of fashion jewelry does Amara offer?

A: Amara Jewelers showcases fashion jewelry of different sizes, colors, and themes. Our focus is Afrocentricity, defined by boldness, flair, juxtaposition of eclectic shapes, and often designs inspired from Plants, Animals, and the wildness of human expression. 

Q: What if my jewelry breaks? Can I get a refund, a fix, or replacement?

A: If you experience a jewelry within the first 30 days after receiving your pieces, we first of all would like to apologize for the inconvenience we cause in allowing a defective piece to fly under our radar, and that we’d like to remedy the issue immediately for you. Within the first 30 days, you can either receive a refund for the piece, or a replacement, completely free of cost. To process your request, do the following:

  1. Please reach out to us at 
  2. Send us an image of the broken piece
  3. Write a message requesting either a. refund for the particular piece, or b. a replacement piece.

We will process your case immediately! We are committed to fixing our mistake for you. Please understand in the event that this occurs.

Q: I have other questions! Where can I go to ask them?

Asking questions is the most important thing; they keep you on edge and your mind sharp. Feel free to ask any other burning questions not answered in the FAQs at or you may call at (203)-873-9742. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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