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Hey wonderful! We should get to know each other better.

While on our website, you may have been thinking, what is all this about - 'Amara Jewelers'? What motivates Amara, and why do we do what we do? For a general answer, please check out our About Us page, from the views of Amara's founder. Hopefully that serves as nice, brief introduction to who we are.

Now that you have that intro, let's get into some more details on us! We wanted to answer some perhaps burning questions about Amara, for you to stay informed as we go along this journey to grow your legacy and passion together. Let's go!

The Logo- Why Did You Choose It?

The Amara Jewelers logo depicts an Antelope. It is not a deer, a moose, a goat or a ram! The reason we chose for the Antelope to represent a jewelry company was simple.


We see the Antelope as a creature that is both elegant and fierce at the same time. The contours of the Antelope’s form, the helical nature of its antlers,the overall symmetry in the Antelope's face, and poise in how it moves defines the aura of elegance it has. On the same note, the Antelope is a force not to be reckoned with - when The Antelope moves in a herd, it can challenge any threat or opposing force that comes its way. These qualities - being fierce yet elegant - made The Antelope the perfect choice to represent the Amara Jewelers brand.

This balance of elegance and fierceness makes the Antelope, to us, represent the virtue of gracefulness- the ability to move through life with gentility, yet command the outcome of one’s own life on one’s own terms.

This is how we want our customers to live their lives and see the world when they wear Amara jewelry pieces. We want to help you embody grace in each step, each room you walk in, and toward each person that comes around you, before you even say a word.

Oh, and on top of all this, the Antelope is an African animal! So all these factors come together and made us feel that this logo represents what Amara Jewelers is all about, and what qualities we wish to bring out in you!

What are your Core Values? What is Amara Jewelers All About?

Glad you asked! In fact, we help answer that question on our What We Stand For page. Check it out to get more of the bigger picture!

Amara Jewelers’ core values lie within bridging connections between different African Cultures on the Continent and the Diaspora through the mediums of jewelry, fashion and style. We essentially are telling stories from an Afrocentric lens and using jewelry as the focal point to do that storytelling.


What are you trying to do? Why should I care?

Basically, Amara is trying to build a mirror for you. A mirror that you can see yourself in, from an Afrocentric reference. We want to show you what pieces of your life when you are at your best looks like. We show you your boldness, your confidence, and the journey you are on in your life for the world to respect and admire. Amara puts Afrocentricity at the forefront of our brand to present stories that the world lacks quality exposure of, especially in the fashion and style industry. Wearing african-centered jewelry that is eccentric yet balanced and contemporary, Amara aims to help you see yourself in day-to-day settings when you are in your element- at work, with friends and family, in love, in piece, at home being yourself, and all of the above and more. Jewelry is an accessory that just might be around in these snippets of your life, and we hope that Amara can be with you in those precious moments. Remember that amara means grace.

What makes Amara different from every other jewelry brand, and other Afrocentric brands?

Where other jewelry brands are targeted at sales alone, Amara Jewelry is targeted at storytelling and intention. We make you a customer by purposefully sharing the beauty of Africa and its cultures, by way of The Continent and the Diaspora. Amara Jewelers is proud of Africanity at its very core, not in just the products we sell to make profit. Africanity is in our very thread as a company. We want you to interact with us online and especially in-person. Going to physical events and making real, tangible things happen is how we really carry out our mission to bring Africa to the world. As we grow, we want to make our physical engagement the best it can possibly be, making pop-up shops, information sessions, educational talks about Africa and the Diaspora, fashion talks and shows, as well as outreach, social impact, and community improvement projects.

Other Afrocentric brands are wonderful, however we take our message a few steps further through our intentionality. Amara Jewelers makes it plain and clear that we seek to make Africanity a staple when it comes to style and culture worldwide, and for everyone to see Africa in themselves, especially those who hail most directly to Africa and inherited the closest parts of her beauty. We make our aim to promote African-centered, Afrocentric culture and style even clearer by fleshing out narratives through the content on our website, social media, and other channels that keep Africanity in mind, presenting it in settings where the human qualities of ordinariness, courage, determination, wisdom, joy, excitement, laughter and endless more get a chance to play in the spotlight of fashion for the world to see and love. Like we said, Amara is making a mirror for you, to see yourself at your very best.



And what sets us apart from any other African, Afrocentric fashion company- or every other company that has ever been- is that our mirror’s image of you is clearer and much more vivid.

Amara is a brand that aims to touch your life, beyond the storefront and beyond the afrocentric jewelry, while at the same time offering you wonderful jewelry pieces. We sell African stories, and then we sell the African jewelry. Take a look at how we break down one of our statements of purpose in the following article here. Hopefully this will make it even clearer what we’re all about. We are immersing you in an experience where you recognize Africa within you, whether you are on the Continent right now. Amara believes that when Africa is in you, it resides there wherever you are.

Africa has always been inside you. Amara’s goal is to help you realize it even more and identify with that proud heritage. All love.

With Passion,
Amara Jewelers
The Fashion Jewelry Source

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