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Here at Amara we have core values at the heart of what we do. Our values make up the inner compass of this brand, helping us deliver the delight we promise you for engaging with us. Our statement of purpose (or statement of passion, if you will) is this:

Amara Jewelers bridges connections between different African Cultures on the Continent and the Diaspora through the mediums of jewelry, fashion and style, and tells stories from an Afrocentric lens, using jewelry as the focal point to do that storytelling.

What does this mission statement mean? Let’s break it down more deeply. Get to know Amara Jewelers a little better here, and see how what we stand for aligns with what you stand for too! Amara Jewelers...

“...bridges connections between different African Cultures on the Continent and the Diaspora…”

We say different African cultures to describe the fact that people of relatively recent African origin, either by descent or by nativity, are now scattered across the world (the Diaspora) and in Africa (The Continent) expressing many different beautiful backgrounds and cultures. We consider all of these peoples as children of Africa. However, because the ties between Africa’s children in the Diaspora have been severed by history (caused predominantly by intercontinental slave trade, colonialism, and imperialism), Amara Jewelers seeks to reconnect these peoples and cultures with one another, creating lines of identity with one another - things that each group can see themselves in, and view each other as one in the midst of being different in many ways.  

“...through the mediums of jewelry, fashion and style…”


Fashion, style and particularly jewelry is the place where Amara is creating those ties of connection between various African peoples in the Diaspora or on The Continent. To us, jewelry represents an intersection of art, culture, and all the feel-good things that life has to offer. Styling jewelry is a space a creativity that helps define a people’s culture, attire and overall fashion - how a people are identified in the vast sea of cultural backgrounds and features. We are treating fashion- especially jewelry - as the vehicle to define Afrocentricity for the many peoples of African origin, by descent or by nativity, to see themselves in the bigger context of African culture, and make a place of identity for themselves with Africa. We also define Afrocentricity for the whole world. Everyone from any background looking to embrace different African cultures in an authentic way can also look to Amara Jewelers as their source to enjoy an Afrocentric aesthetic, because at the end of the day, Amara is a great jewelry brand for the world.

What you wear helps connect you to your heritage and roots, and Amara Jewelers provides the pieces that remind you of that wonderful heritage in a sleek, contemporary way.

“...tells stories from an Afrocentric lens....”

Storytelling is how people share their values, and carry on their history to one another, to the world at large, and across generations of humankind. Without stories, people would not be able to relate to one another at a deep level; they would not be able to stop fighting or look for ways to see each other as alike. The best stories do exactly this, and many people can find identity in them; despite their differences, the story reveals the things we have in common with family, friends, and strangers. At Amara, we feel that African peoples need good stories to share with each other and with the world as a whole to experience and enjoy. Every one of our posts on social media, every article we write, each event we attend or host, and every image or video we create tells a story from an Afrocentric - or truly Pan-African - perspective. Amara depicts what African lifestyles look like across the world, showing how Afrocentricity - and Africa’s children - flourish in the world, manifested in the brand we have created here. Let Amara be the path that helps you tell your story.

Afrocentricity is not exclusive to Africa or the African Diaspora. Yet, because people are the ones who make up a culture, people of African origin are the vehicle through which Africa is expressed for themselves and for the world to join in on.

“...using jewelry as the focal point to do that storytelling.”


The names of Amara’s jewelry pieces and collections are the manifestation of what each word, image, and video we release to you is all about. When we feature someone who is in her grace wearing a statement necklace, we are telling you a story that goes beyond words that resonates with you. We hope that you see yourself in every image we put out there, and feel inspired to embody the vibes our content is meant to evoke in your life. Like we said, jewelry is the vehicle we choose to help you identify yourself, with Afrocentricity at the center. Scroll through Amara Jewelers’ website to see what we mean, how we storytell with jewelry. We hope you find a piece that really captures the story you wish to share with the world around you when you wear it.

In finding the pieces you identify with, we fulfill our goal to be the jewelry store that matches your passion and story. It would be an honor to serve you!

With Passion,
Amara Jewelers
The Fashion Jewelry Source

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